Words of Affection

Today, I wanted to do something a little different for a blog post. Instead of telling a specific story or anything like that, I decided to do a kind of mood board of words. Perhaps it’s a little artsy and pretentious, but below are just a few sentences that I’ve said to different people who are important to me, in different ways and in different contexts. I don’t want to share whatthose contexts are or anything like that, but I feel that there’s a certain beauty in sharing these little snapshots on their own.

When I see you, I can’t help but contain the smile that appears on my face.

If I don’t end this hug, then we’ll always be together and I won’t ever have to say goodbye.

You inspire me to be the version of myself that exists in your mind.

When I left school and went to university, I made a collage of pictures of the people who had been good to me, the people who I always want to keep in my life, I called it the Friend Square. Since then, I’ve never stopped adding to it. I want you to know that I added you onto it last night.

The things we’ve been through together mean that there’s now an unbreakable bond between the two of us.

How exciting – to see my two favourite people looking back at me from the other side of the screen.

I don’t know that I’ve ever cared for another person more than I have cared for you.

Life doesn’t get much better – Christmas time, Christmas lights and one of my very best friends.

I wish I could transfer my good health into you, so we’d both just be mildly unwell, rather than having me be fine and you very unwell.

You are the Watson to my Holmes.

You are the Holmes to my Watson.

You are the Moriarty to my Holmes.

Was this enjoyable? I have another similar blog post in mind for the future, but I’ll have to wait to get some feedback on this one first…

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