Write a Sentence Every Day

As a writer, something that I’ve gotten into the habit of doing is writing at least one sentence every single day. Now, obviously, I work as a writer, I write this blog and I write my webcomic – I write multiple sentences in a day just maintaining all of these things. However,  I do also like to write short stories and in recent times I don’t feel that I put enough time into writing them. I used to consider them my “main” body of work, while this blog and my webcomic were side projects, but now I spend a lot more time on these two things than I do on short stories.

So now I add at least one new sentence a day to my story in progress. Often, once I’ve written a single sentence, I don’t want to stop there, I want to do a bit more and more. This will sometimes get me a hundred words or more, which I am quite pleased with. But if I’m tired or unmotivated, I can just stick to the single sentence. I find it’s a good way to motivate myself. I’m setting myself an easy target which I can reach every day, but once the creative juices are flowing, they are likely to greatly exceed that target. You might like to try it yourself, if you don’t feel you’re writing enough.

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