Write What You Feel

I absolutely loved my time on Bath Spa University’s Creative Writing course. Not only was it extremely useful in helping me to understand what exactly I need to do in order to go forward as a professional writer, but it was also very fun. I produced lots of work there that I am very proud of and came up with ideas which I will continue to develop for years to come.
    One thing I wanted to say, though, is that I realised lately, that I kind of feel that I was a little put off of writing just for the sake of writing while I was there. I was put into the mind frame of “Who would be the audience for this?”, “How could this be published?” and so on. Of course, these are all important questions and things which any writer should consider when starting a project, but it’s not always important; maybe sometimes you’ll get a really silly idea for a story that you just want to write for fun, and why on Earth shouldn’t you? It may not be publishable, but writing is supposed to be fun, and I think it’s something we should be careful not to lose track of.
    Now, I don’t want to say that the course sucked all the fun out of writing for me! That is absolutely not true, and perhaps it was more a case of me having been giving some things to consider, only for me to then apply them too often. The course, ultimately, was a hugely positive impact on my writing, but this is one minor negative I realised (and acted on) lately and something I felt it was important to highlight.

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