Writing Addiction

Since 2004, I have never gone through an extended period of time in which I didn’t write something. It was in that year that I started to write out regular short stories and before then I had created lots of little comics, so really it kind of goes back even further than that. In 2011 I started writing regular blog posts for this blog as well and in 2012 I started writing my own webcomic too. Then in 2014 I started working as a freelance writer. Even if, for a second, we imagined that writing was not integral to my income, I’d still find it harder to not write than to write.

I remember in either 2005 or 2006, I realised that writing was actually taking up quite a lot of my free time and I thought it might be best to give it up. Looking back that was a strange conclusion to come to, but, regardless, I tried to stop. One month later I started again, because I just can’t bring myself to stop. I suppose it’s a little like an addiction, but one which doesn’t come with any negative repercussions (I am not one of those stereotypical writers who put their work ahead of their personal relationships and health – none of the writers I know are, actually.)

I think it’s because, to me, if I don’t write, life isn’t really fulfilling. I need to create things and to record my thoughts and being unable to do so leaves me feeling unhappy. Obviously, it’s not the only thing I need to do for my life to be fulfilling (I’d feel equally unfulfilled and unhappy if I had no friends as well) but it’s a central part of myself and I think that this is something which a lot of creative will relate to. Perhaps that will help non-creative people to understand the creative mindset.

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