Writing Against the Tides of Time

When I first started writing the blog, I was generally writing things which had happened very recently and they were fresh in memory. Any other interesting things that had happened wouldn’t have been any more than three years prior because, if I went back any further than that, I would have just been a child. Generally I think of 2008 as my first proper year of adult life and in 2011, 2008 wasn’t really that long ago. Now it’s 2016 and certain details about certain things are becoming a little more unclear to me. I like to have a collection of anecdotal blog posts on here, but there are probably things I would have loved to have written down but I didn’t and so now will be lost to the recesses of memory.

Generally, if anything unusual or interesting happens to me, I like to get it written down here as quickly as possible because I want my recollection to be as accurate as possible. The more time that goes by, the harder it becomes to remember certain things from the past (though, of course, others remain crystal clear.) I think that, thanks to these blog posts, there are things that happened in the past that I remember, but which I wouldn’t remember had I not recorded them. Keeping this blog has been a good way to preserve memories which otherwise might have been washed away by the tides of time – so if you’re somebody who likes to record the things that happen to them, I suggest writing these things down as quickly as possible!

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