Writing Revival

One thing I’ve been very pleased about is the fact that I’ve been much more productive as a writer since the lock down began. I don’t mean to take the angle of saying that this is a good situation, because the lock down is certainly a bad thing (though necessary) and there are a lot of things that I miss, but my newfound productivity in writing is a definite positive.

I set myself the goal of writing one short story a week and, so far, I’ve been able to stick with it. This is fantastic. I’ve written more in the last few weeks than I have in the last two years combined. I’m even looking into opportunities to get my fiction published again, which is something I’ve not done in a long time!

If I’m perfectly honest, I don’t think I’ve been this enthusiastic about writing fiction since 2012 – during which time I was studying Creative Writing at Bath Spa University and had a large group of people to share my work with regularly and friends who were happy to talk with me about my ideas whenever I wanted. I didn’t think that spark of creative passion would ever shine quite so brightly again, because I thought it was dependent on that specific context – but it has.

Ideas come to me as I’m doing the dishes, making lunch, having a walk and whatever else and I can’t wait to get them down on paper (digital paper). It’s hard to convey just how important this is to me, but it makes me so happy. Though I don’t imagine my day to day routines will change at all for some time, I hope that I am able to keep up this writing pace for a long time as it is endlessly rewarding.

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