Writing Task 3

I have been given five writing tasks by my good friend David Tubb and I shall be writing one of these each day this week. These will be somewhat different to my usual entries, and so I am just writing them as well as my regular entries, rather than instead of.

Today’s task is to write about my future (assuming everything goes to plan).

Well, this is the trickiest one so far, and will probably be the shortest, but I’ll do my best! Anyway, Of course, I’d still be updating my blog regularly but hopefully at some point or another I’d have found a way to earn some kind of money from doing so, that would be quite nice. To say I’d have some kind of book out (a collection of short stories perhaps) seems just a little too optimistic. I like to think that my main source of income would be through working at a secondary school as an English teacher (I’m sure trouble making teenagers could make a blog entry or two!). Although, frankly, I would be quite happy even if I were just a supply teacher at a school, or even a TA. Actually, even if I just worked in Waterstone’s I would be perfectly content. Of course, all of my friends, or at least, all of the people I like the most, will be close enough for me to visit them all very regularly (no more than a bus ride away, I’d hope!). I guess I would have my own house too, or more likely, my own flat, and I’d like to live with a close friend too (meaning, any close friend, not that I plan to live with anybody in particular at this point). Also, depending on how far in the future this is (if it’s REALLY far, I guess I would just write ‘not dead’ as my hopeful outlook) but I have sometimes thought about adopting a child at some distant point in the future, but I’ve never really thought too hard about it. But, yes, those are my thoughts on an optimistic future!

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