Writing Task 4

I have been given five writing tasks by my good friend David Tubb and I shall be writing one of these each day this week. These will be somewhat different to my usual entries, and so I am just writing them as well as my regular entries, rather than instead of.

Today’s task is to pick a close friend/relative and to write about how much I care about them.

Wow, this is another tricky task, not tricky because I don’t care about my friends and family, but tricky because I don’t like to openly value any one person over everybody else. Of course, I might privately say to somebody “You’re my favourite person” but I would hate to say “Hey everybody [name] is my favourite person” because I’d hate anybody to think that, while with me, I am valuing somebody else above them. So, I am going to cheat and write about ALL of the people I love and just be briefer, so, let’s begin (in no order at all): I’ll start with David, since he’s the one who gave me the tasks: he’s so likeminded and kind-hearted that I am so lucky to know him, I can do anything with him and it is wonderful. Now, my nameless friend (or Tulin as she says I should refer to her) another very, very kind person who I am incredibly lucky to know who goes far out of her way to do nice things for me, she is my beloved ‘sister’ (to use the half-nickname I have used since she called me her ‘big brother’). Moving on, Naomi Brennan, another paragon of kindness who seems to have the ability of sounding nice even when talking about nothing, a very selfless person too. Next, Oscar Taylor-Kent: I know a lot about video games, and so does Oscar, this gives us an unlimited well of discussion, a very nice one too, he’s a very kind person and it is a delight to spend time with him. Also, Dalfino Madrigal Keyte, always very concerned about upsetting others and so extremely nice as a result. Next, Rory MacLellan, niceness just oozes out of him and with so many shared interests, I am always ecstatic to spend any time with Rory, I miss him often. Now, Elliott Egan, just your regular guy, but he seems to care passionately for his friends in a way which is very admirable, anall round wonderful person really. Also, Mairi Mac Arthur, always a very fun person to spend time with, a terrible shame she’s an internet friend and not a real life friend. Next, another nameless person, Rhinowater, I can chat with this lovely, lovely person for literally hours, he’s great to talk to, very kind and on top of that an excellent storyteller, another person I wish I knew in real life. And finally, my family (my Mum, Sam and Kristen), the trampoline which launches me into the jump of life, thanks to them I never have to spend time alone and can count on them for companions in fun activities, which is lovely. Of course, there are many others I could have mentioned and, in fact, I feel bad as there are others who I have probably forgotten even though they do mean a lot to me, and I’m sorry to all of you (in my defence, it is very late),  I also hope, that by including so many people, that anybody  feel what I have said is insincere, because they shouldn’t, every relationship is very important me. I shall end by saying simply: I love you.

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