Zombie Apocalypse

Today’s entry is based on a dream I had recently. I have written about my dreams three times before, but it’s something I tend to avoid doing as dream most commonly are random and bizarre strings of events (or at least, they are in my case). But the other day, I had a dream about a zombie apocalypse which had quite a nice narrative to it and so I decided to write it down.
    I was in Bath, and then, all of a sudden, there was a zombie apocalypse (oh dear). Luckily, me and a large group of my friends managed to survive this by hiding inside a giant abandoned warehouse. Now, here’s the strange thing about the dream, all of the friends who were living safely in there with me, were my friends who are in romantic relationships and all of them had their partners with them, meaning that the survivors were just me and a whole bunch of couples. But it was fine, the zombies eventually left and it was just all of us living in the abandoned city, weirdly it was quite a nice life really and I was pretty happy with it. For some odd reason, none of my single friends (though, there is only a small number of them) or my family came into my mind, when, of course, after a real zombie apocalypse, I’d be very concerned about them, but I guess that’s just how dreams go.
    Anyway, in the happy post-apocalyptic world, my good friend Rory and I were taking a lovely night stroll together when we saw a steam train coming slowly along the railway tracks. This, of course, was a big excitement as we were all unaware of any life in the world outside of us. We went down beside the tracks and got the attention of the driver so we could find out where he was going. He told us that there was a large group of people rebuilding society about fifty miles away and that he was heading for them. He also told us that he had room to bring a certain number of us. Sadly, however, there was only a limited number of people he could bring on his train, and, in fact, one of our group would have to be left before. Since none of the couples would accept being separated, everybody paired up with their partners and got onto the train, leaving me behind.
    “Don’t worry, Adam,” said somebody, “as soon as we get there, we’ll send somebody else back down to come and get you!”
    I watched as the bright lights of the train drove off into the darkness and I was left alone in the deserted streets of Bath. The happy post-apocalypse days had gone and I was now alone. I waited and waited, for weeks and weeks, but nobody came to get me. I began to worry that the zombies may have returned and attacked my friends, so I decided to walk along the tracks in the direction of the new society. After walking for a whole day, I found a perfectly happy little community made up of all my friends and their partners (and a bunch of strangers too). It seemed nobody had come to get me, simply because they had forgotten about me. Feeling quite sad about all of this, I decided to let them live out their lives happily and walked back to Bath. I spent the rest of my life living alone in that empty warehouse, never seeing anybody again…

I hope that was an enjoyable read, and came across as funny-sad rather than just a generally depressing story!

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