200th Post! A Big Thank You

So with today’s post, I’ve now written two-hundred entries! A few months ago I was thinking of ending this blog, but now I’m constantly thinking of fresh things to write on here and I’ll continue updating it for as long as I can. I think I should stop celebrating meaningless milestones with this blog, I guess I won’t do it again until the hypothetical day when I reach my 1000th post; I really hope that happens someday. But anyway, since my 100th post was a bit of a disappointment for some people, I hope this one will be more well received, so here’s a personal thank you to everybody that I know reads this blog (in alphabetical order, by first name if I don’t have their surname):

He’s my pen pal from China. This may seem bad, but I don’t actually know his last name and hence he’s only listed here as Alex. The first male on Omegle to keep in contact with me who wasn’t some raging pervert and somebody who I can always be sure to have a nice interesting conversation with. I also get to learn about something about life in China which I’d otherwise never know. Despite not being totally fluent in English, he’s still taken the time to read this blog, which is very kind indeed.

Naomi Brennan
Initially somebody I would call a ‘friend of a friend’ at university, but now I’d quite happily say that they were my friend! She had the quite ingenious idea of creating a private work shopping page for writing on Facebook, a place where several of these blog entries have taken shape! Also always very generously gives useful writing feedback to pretty much anyone and I doubt that many would dispute generosity as a virtue!

Tonicha Cottle
For just over a year, I worked at The Corsham School as an MDSA. Sure, during my time there children took my money, rubbed snotty tissues on me and other such playful pranks, but none of that particularly bothered me. The best thing about working there was that I befriended Tonicha, somebody who’d always stop and have a nice quick little chat with me, something which was greatly appriciated on the busy, less fun, days. The fact that she always seemed so happy was very good too; it’s always great to talk with a jolly person! Thanks to the internet, I still get to talk with Tonicha from time to time and she very generously takes the time to read some of my short stories every now and then.

Devna Desai
One of the few females I met on Omegle who was kind enough not to take off all her clothes. Always seems to be full of a very bubbly optimism, something which I think is a very good trait! I get to learn more about the average teenager’s lifestyle in America from her, and also several facts about Hinduism (she’s a Hindu) and since I’m very interested in religion, I’m also rather interested in what she has to say. I’m also quite amused that my somewhat bizarre blog appeals to a perfectly normal American teenager who doesn’t know me in real life.

My first pen pal, and the person who introduced me to the Baha’i Faith, a religion which I’d never even heard of before and one which I’m finding very interesting each time she gives me a little nugget of information about it! Other than that, I think all I can say is that she seems to be a very kind person, since my first email to her, she’s always given me long and interesting things to read, and always very enthusiastically too, So it’s always a pleasure to see a message from her sitting in my inbox!

Elliott Egan
A good friend of mine, somebody who I became especially close to during my time in The Corsham School’s Sixth Form (a pretty wickedsick time altogether actually!). If you regularly read this blog, you might have noticed that he’s the person who I mention the most frequently (he’s in around 1/10 of all my posts on here). He very kindly allows me to write about his drunken antics on here and is just generally a very good humoured and laid back person, both of which are qualities to be praised quite highly!

Davey Hamlen
My oldest friend (not physically, he’s the oldest in the sense that I’ve known him the longest). I’ve known him since around the start of my time in primary school, and I have to say, I’m really very happy that the pair of us have managed to remain friends for such a long time. He’s an intelligent person with a good sense of humour; it’s always nice to see him again during university holidays.

Mairi Mac Arthur
A person who started out as an internet friend and then became a real life friend! Several years ago I joined some website or another where strangers add you and I put in my description that I was only interested in adding people who’d be interested in reading my writing. While Mairi is a very busy person (she’s usually revising for exams, doing charity work, diving or other such self-enriching activities) but from time to time she’s still able to read my stories and blog entries and to give me useful feedback. Plus, she showed this website to her Mum, who also read an entry or two, which is pretty cool. Oh and she’s kind of crazy too, which is nice.

Dalfino Madrigal Keyte
The person responsible for the existence of this blog! I remember the day quite well, I was just sitting next to Dalfino in the school’s computer room and then he said “Hey, you should start a blog” and so I made this right on the spot. After a few days I thought I’d probably give up soon, but that was nearly a year ago! I have to thank Dalfino for asking me to start a blog, without that prompt I never would have, and updating this thing is something I get a lot of joy out of. He’s a kind and artistic person and, like Mairi, he’s also kind of crazy (I sometimes wonder who’s crazier, I can never decide). He’s also the person who’s most consistently kept in touch with me after sixth form finished, which is something I’m very pleased with.

Luke Mallison
Now, I have to say, I don’t really know very much about Luke Mallison (having only spoken to him three times), but I can tell you he’s a polite and funny person. Just the other day he approached me, a virtual stranger, just to compliment my blog writing skills and anybody who’d do that must be nice!

George Moore
My second oldest friend who I’ve also known since primary school. For quite a large number of years he, Davey and I would always hang around in a little team of three and get into all kinds of mischief… Heh heh heh. Well, not mischief, but we’d climb into a bush and other dastardly things. Since most people went away to university he’s one of the few people left in Corsham with me, though I still, unfortunately, don’t get to see him all that often, though I still enjoy the times when I do.

She’s my Mum, so, she does loads of stuff like cleans my clothes and makes my dinner, things I should always be very thankful for. She’s always very encouraging with my writing, being a fairly regular reader of this blog and even willing to read a 50,000 word story I had, which was very kind! She also introduces me to a lot of television programmes and musical artists which I probably otherwise wouldn’t ever have noticed, most significantly, The Waltons, which otherwise I’d probably not even heard of!

A person I met on ChatRoulette over a year ago and have spoken to fairly regularly since. I must admit, she’s another person I don’t know the last name of, but I still enjoy chatting with her. She’s always interested to hear about the goings on in my life and will always politely listen to what I have to say. She’s another person who kindly reads this blog without being fluent in English.

Mike Riches
He’d been somebody I’d known of for a long time, but I didn’t really befriend him until sixth form history lessons. He, along with my good friend Rory, made the boring hours fly by much faster. He’s a very friendly person, he always seems to chat happily with anybody, always very upbeat and often with a rather humorous story about the latest crazy party he’d been too. A generally all round likeable person who anybody could happily chat with.

Bruna Schmitz
She’s another person I don’t know directly; she’s an internet friend of Elliott Egan’s. She left me a very polite comment on my blog and I was quite surprised that she’d taken the time to read it, but the fact that she did, I think, reflects quite well on her.

Matt Smith
A friend of mine who quite sadly moved away to Saudi Arabia. I think he’s back in England now, but I’m not quite sure where… He always gives me interesting little anecdotes about life in Saudi Arabia which I’m always very happy to hear about. Several years ago the pair of us sat next to each other in science lessons, these were always very fun. We’d spend the time secretly calling our teacher a troll. Well… It wasn’t that secret I suppose (huge pictures of trolls are rather conspicuous) but it was all a lot of fun (even for the teacher) and are times I look back at nostalgically.

The first friend I made when I started university. Actually, if it weren’t for this blog, I might never have met Stacey, she first contacted me via a comment on my blog which was a very kind thing to do considering I was a stranger. Since then the pair of us have become very close, she managed to persuade me not to stop writing this blog several months ago (when I was considering doing that) and her own polite behaviour and interesting fictional writing are both inspiring to me.

David Tubb
Holy sheesh, imagine Sherlock Holmes in real life. Now imagine Sherlock Holmes in real life with a great sense of humour, and then you have David Tubb. I think I might go to so far as to say he’s the most intelligent person I know. He can do all kinds of clever magic tricks which I can never figure out and seems to have an almost perfect memory. I’m quite glad to have met him, which was also a day when the pair of us saw a magical lute man.

Ben Wood
A very good friend of mine during the majority of my time in school. He always seems to have a kind of jolly disposition, and is very enthusiastic about the majority of things he does. A very kind person, and somebody who I actually used to do some writing with, it was always very fun to write about the bizarre adventures of a pair of eccentric billionaires… Unfortunately though, he, like many others, is somebody I don’t get to see that often due to university, but it’s always nice to meet up during the holidays. He was one of the few encouraging people during the early days of my blog.

There are actually over 147 people who read this blog, so I have definitely missed some people. If I’ve missed you, please tell me and I’ll update this list so that you’re on it too! I feel terribly bad at the thought of missing people out but I know I will have!

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