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Anno Dracula by Kim Newman

Anno Dracula is a very interesting alternative history novel about what would have happened if Dracula had been successful with his plans, in the original novel. As I am very interested in the original, this was naturally a novel I … Continue reading

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Emulating Games & Morality

Recently I have been emulating old games and been very excited to gain access to many old classics which I have been unable to play for years. For me, this is pretty significant because in the past I would never … Continue reading

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Allegiance to Political Parties

One thing I’ve noticed is that people tend to choose a political party and then vote for them exclusively whenever elections come along. But, personally, I feel like an allegiance to a specific political group is going to be quite … Continue reading

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Bayonetta is a game which is really rather a wonderful. It’s full of over the top action sequences, extreme violence, wonderful Japanese music and creepy religious iconography. In a way, it’s a little hard to talk about because it is … Continue reading

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