Beginnings and Endings

At the start of October 2017, it was my first day of a new job. I had just started at a call centre. It wasn’t a job I had applied for, it was one which a recruitment agency had contacted me about. It was the lowest paying job that I had ever had and it was quite monotonous. I was feeling quite sad that I would no longer be able to enjoy the life of a freelance writer as I had been doing earlier that year. I found the work monotonous and I didn’t imagine that I would make any friends there. I remember coming in one Saturday morning and thinking to myself “Once I leave, there’ll be no part of me that misses this awful place.”

Just yesterday I had my last day. I was working until 9:30pm and for the last hour and a half, I was essentially by myself. I looked back at the last few months. I had actually made a fair few friends there and as the day passed by, I felt sad that I’d not get to spend a day with them in there again. I had become quite sentimental about many aspects of it, actually. What had once felt monotonous now felt comfortable. I’d formed bonds with quite a lot of people (most of them gone by now) and some of them I am likely to remain in touch with for a long time. As I left, I thought to myself “I sure will miss this lovely place.”

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