Forming Connections

In recent times, a few people have commented about the number of friends I have – indicating that I have an unusually high number. It doesn’t bother me, because every person has different social needs and will be happy with a different size friend circle (or square).

I was thinking about why it is that I seem to have a number of friends which some people consider to be above average and I came to a conclusion. I’m very quick to find myself emotionally invested in someone. After I’ve seen something that shows me the person I’m talking to is a good and kind person, I just can’t help myself. Even at times where I have intentionally thought to myself “I’m going to keep to myself here” I’ve still ended up making some good friends.

I know that some people say that if you have a lot of friends, they tend to all be lots of shallow, insubstantial friendships that don’t mean anything. But I have two responses to that, the first is that I don’t think the love a human being can give is finite and, secondly, that surely if someone has a choice of very many people to spend their time with, but they choose to spend it with you, that’s a lot nicer than somebody who has never made any other friends at all?

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