300th Finger Puppet Show Strip

I did have another blog post planned for today, but I decided that I’d actually quite like to write about the fact that today I postedmy 300th Finger Puppet Show strip. I remember, when I made the first strip, it was just a gift for a friend and I never intended to make a webcomic. I later decided that I wanted to make another one, and thought about doing it regularly… After doing about three or four, I didn’t think I would be able to think up enough ideas to one a week, but now I do two a week and have been doing so for ages, so that all went very nicely. As you’ll see if you read that strip, there is a strong emotional attachment to the webcomic for me as it acts as a kind of unbroken chain to the time when I started making it in 2012; I made it during what I would currently describe as the best time of my life and though every aspect of my life has changed since then, my webcomic remains the same. It’s comforting, in a way. I remember I made the first strip in bed on a summer’s afternoon after a lie in; it was a few weeks away from returning to university and seeing my friends again. I made the 300th strip on a cold winter’s evening, getting it done as quickly as possible so that I wouldn’t get to bed too late on a night when I had work the next day; the time I’d next see most of my friends was (and is) uncertain. How times have changed! I like to think that in 2020, when I’ve managed to pass at least my 600th strip, things will be completely different again.

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