3DS Disaster

Today I was at the bus station waiting to get on my bus and go home. I was actually in the middle of a game of StreetPass Garden, which is quite nice. The bus doors opened and I closed my 3DS and got on. I was looking forward to finishing that game when I got home.

I had the bus ride home as usual and then the bus got close to my home. A fellow passenger rang the bell and then walked over to the door while the bus was still in motion – you are not supposed to do this. I also don’t like it when people do this as it makes me feel I have to rush. And I did rush. I got off the bus and reached to my pocket, my 3DS was missing! It must have slipped out of my pocket and onto the bus seat! The last time something like that happened (back in 2011) I never saw it again.

It would be quite a shame if that 3DS was gone. There were five years’ worth of StreetPass and pedometer records stored in it! Even if I bought a new one, those records would be lost forever. But I didn’t want to be pessimistic – I still had a chance of getting it back. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the bus timetable… It would be back in that area in forty-minutes – the exact time it takes to drive to the next town and back.

When they bus did get back, the driver had my 3DS ready for me. I was delighted.

“Oh my, thank you very much,” I said, putting my hand on my heart, “I really appreciate your help.”

“Are you alright mate?” he said.

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