Recently I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how much sleep I get and also how it impacts my day. On the average day I get between five and a half and six hours sleep – I know this is quite short, but it always seems to be enough for me. I’m very lucky really, because other people would not be able to manage on that much. Curiously though, I am extremely tired tonight, to the extent that I am finding it difficult to formulate enough sentences in my mind to then write down for this blog post. Personally,  I find that a little bit more or a little bit less sleep is no real indicator of how well I’ll get through the day: some days I feel extra good, some days I feel not quite so good. I do always feel extra good when I get a nice long lie in though. I wrote about that sleep appreciation in an earlier blog post once before. But today tiredness is affecting me a lot and I am sure it probably comes across in this blog post. Check back next week for something which might actually be good!

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