A Nostalgic Visit

A few weeks ago my friend Dalfino called me on my mobile and asked whether I’d like to have an evening stroll with him. Since I really like walking, I happily accepted his proposal. So, I went to Co-Operative, bought myself one of their delicious brownies and waited outside for him.
    Before long he had arrived and the pair of us set out for our walk. I suggested to him that we wandered around at The Corsham School, since it had been quite a while since I visited there and he agreed that it’d be quite nice to do that. Now, I’ve visited the school several times since I’ve left it, but this time it felt especially bittersweet and nostalgic. Everywhere we went reminded me quite vividly of things that had happened while I was there.
First we walked across the field and I was reminded the time when I worked as an MDSA  and the troublemaking children I encountered out there. And, of course, it was also the place of the only fight I ever had, or, at least, the nearest thing to a fight I ever had. While walking across the field, I took a moment to look through the window of my old English class room, during my time in the Sixth Form, that was my favourite lesson, and I have lots of fond memories of my time in there. I found that, even the lessons I hadn’t enjoyed at the time, were now things I quite missed, such as PE lessons and Food Technology lessons. Even the misunderstandings seem pleasant now.
Once we’d finished wandering around, we walked up a staircase and sat on the balcony of the Sixth Form Common room. Peeping in through the window of that brought even more memories back. I used to make cakes for my friends a lot too and I couldn’t help but think that I should be doing the same for my friends at Bath Spa University, but since I don’t see somebody I know every day and the cakes would have to survive a fourteen mile journey, I decided I probably shouldn’t.
It’s quite a shame, really, because I’m not in contact with a good number of my old friends anymore. It seems to me that often, something or another will come up and so I won’t be able to contact a friend, that’ll last for a certain period of time and then once it’s over, there’s nothing to stop the friendship resuming, it just doesn’t happen. I expect that’s something a lot of people can relate to.
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