Today has been a very nice day. Now I have met up with two of my internet friends in real life, the first was Mairi Mac Arthur, and the second is my friend Rhino Water (I can’t write his real name, but, regular readers probably remember him anyway.)

He and I spent a large portion of the day playing various video games together, but the most interesting thing happened while we were playing Mario Party DS. Now, I know I used the word ‘interesting’ but, actually, what I should have said was ‘interesting to those who are familiar with the Mario Party series and how it works’ to the average person who has no knowledge of Mario Party, this anecdote won’t be interesting at all. Sorry.

Anyway, have you ever wondered what would happen if the game ended on a draw? I mean, what are the chances of two people having the exact number of coins and stars? They can’t be very high, especially after the bonus stars as well. But it happened; he and I both had five stars and seventy-one coins.

So what do you think happened? The two computer players were deemed the losers and then there was a small message that pointed out that both he and I had the same number of stars and coins. How could this be settled? Would they introduce an exceptional fourth bonus star to be awarded for something else? Trigger a super-secret and awesome mini game for the two of us to play in order to determine the winner? Maybe even just a regular dual mini game? Nope, it was something incredibly exciting: we each had to roll a dice, whoever got the highest number won. This was the most suspenseful dice roll in any Mario Party game I ever played. He rolled a four. I grinned and thought that I’d won. I rolled a three. The game was his. I wonder what would have happened if I rolled a four as well?

So, if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if a Mario Party game ended on a draw, now you know! I wonder which age old mystery I’ll have the answer to in my next blog entry? Be sure to keep reading to find out!

(I posted an extra Finger Puppet Show on Saturday, click here to read it!)

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