A Tranquil Walk to the Bus Stop (TWAC Day 16)

Today is my last day at the university before I finish for the Christmas holidays. Usually the weeks fly by in an instant, but this one, being the last, seems to be dragging on quite a bit.
    When I woke up this morning I was a little disappointed that it hadn’t snowed overnight. I remember reading on some website or another that heavy snow was either due on Thursday night or throughout Friday (overhearing people on the bus, I guess it was due only last night). I wasn’t too bothered by the lack of snow anyway, and just ate my porridge and prepared to leave.
    When I did leave my house at 7:05am, the walk to the bus stop was so nice that I decided I would make it my blog entry for today (rather than what was actually planned). Outside, it was still completely dark, as if it were the middle of the night; the sun hadn’t started to shine at all yet. It was cold too, but that nice winter morning kind of cold, not the shivering uncontrollably kind of cold. There was a slight wind, but not a overly strong one, and it was perfectly silent apart from the sounds of the gusts. Then came the best part of it all, I walked under a street lamp, and saw the tiny flakes of snow falling down through the light and it was one of the most lovely things you can imagine. I already knew it was snowing because my Mum had told me before she went out to walk the dogs, but when I had gone out in the dark afterwards it had just felt like rain, so to see in the light that it was actually snow falling was a very happy revelation indeed. A very good start to my last day before the break.
    The day is actually far from over for me, I still have a lecture and a seminar to attend. But I know that many of my friends (AKA you my blog readers) are also finishing for Christmas now, and I can’t imagine they’ll be reading this until their days are over. So I’ll say that I hope you have an excellent time off 🙂 and I shall see you all soon.
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