Pro-Tip for Keeping Warm (TWAC Day 17)

(I’m thinking now, that I should have posted this entry on an earlier day in my Trusty Water Advent Calendar, but oh well, I can’t change it now.)

When it’s cold, snowing, icy or hailing, you’ll undoubtedly want some way to keep warm over this festive season, so I have for you here a brief tip showing you a good way to warm yourself up on cold days. The first step is to drink a lot of water. Now, while water may be cold, and so not immediately warm you up, it still leads to warmth. What happens when you drink a lot of water is pretty obvious, especially when it’s a cold day: Sooner or later you’re going to have to answer the call of nature.
    Once the call’s over and nature won’t be bothering you for another few hours, it’s time to wash your hands. Now, when you’re out and about, what do public toilets have for when you’ve finished cleaning your hands? Hand-dryers.
    When most people use hand-dryers, they don’t really use them properly, they just hold their hand under it for a second, get bored, and then leave (a complete waste of time), but if you give them a chance, hand-dryers are really good for keeping you warm in winter. The air that comes out ends up being extra warm if you hold your hands under it for long enough, and then the hot air even blows over your body too! It feels very nice, and is an excellent way to feel all warm and nice during winter.
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