I’m feeling a little lazy today, so, rather than just writing out a regular old anecdote I’m going to try something different. Since the most popular entries are about something funny or embarrassing happening to me, I thought I’d just give a quick context-less list of twenty bad things, that way you’ll also get a hint of things I’ll make entries out of in the future:

So, somebody has:

  1. Set my hair on fire.

  2. Set my trousers on fire.

  3. Set my tie on fire.

  4. Hid some kind of disgusting rotten meat in my bag.

  5. Watched me getting changed.

  6. Punched me in the face.

  7. Spat in my eye.

  8. Tried to club me with the branch of a tree.

  9. Replaced the water in my water bottle with vodka.

  10. Kicked me in the crotch.

  11. Forcibly removed my clothing from the waist down (and outside too!).

  12. Tied me to a pole.

  13. Sent me anonymous rape threats (along with information of places I walk alone).

  14. Sent me death threats.

  15. (this one is hard to explain: you know how kids will sometimes stretch an action figure’s trousers forward to check and see if they’re anatomically correct? Well, somebody ran up to me once and did that to me.)

  16. Poured acid into my eyes.

  17. Poured vodka into my eyes.

  18. Almost drowned me by holding my head under a gushing sink.

  19. Threatened to stab me, in person.

  20. Thrown a chair at me.

But never mind, heh heh šŸ˜€

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