After Monday‘s entry, a friend of mine told me that I should follow it up with a list of twenty good things people have done to/for me, so, that’s exactly what today’s entry is! I did plan to post this yesterday, but I ended up being quite busy, to it’s now the regular Wednesday entry.
1. I’ve mentioned before what I think the kindest thing anybody ever did for me was.
2. Three different people have told me that I’m the nicest person they ever met.
3. A friend of mine once surprised me with a bottle of my second favourite kind of lemonade (Boots).
4. A friend of mine once surprised me with my favourite kind of lemonade (Fentimans).
5. A friend of mine once gave me a book, just because I was ‘such a good friend’.
6. A friend of mine once surprised me with a ginger bread cow. (You’ve seen this before.)
7. I was voted “Most likely to become an author” in my final year of compulsory education.
8. A friend of mine once got me a yoyo for Christmas, then when it broke, got me another, and told me I can look forward to a third.
9. A homeless man once called me “a really beautiful person”.
10. Before leaving Corsham to return to their university, a friend of mine dropped off some Thorntons chocolate for me.
11. One night, when feeling a little sad, a friend of mine invited me into their bed so I wouldn’t have to be alone.
12. Having Colin Baker say that he thought the amount I had to pay for his autograph was unfairly high.
13. Somebody who was almost a complete stranger once came up to me and complimented me on my blog.
14. Having somebody challenge me to a rap battle and then telling me they’d give up because there was nothing bad to say about me.
15. An English teacher of mine very kindly read about fifty thousand words of my writing just to help me improve.
16. Having lots of my friends read my one hundredth story as they considered it a special occasion.
17. A few times I have been trusted with secrets that nobody else knew.
18. Being told I give ‘perfect advice’.
19. When I had to visit the hospital recently, I had multiple people offering to come with me.
20. Finally a small thing, and a bit of a cheat, but I always love it when somebody tells me that somebody I don’t know that well has said nice things about me.

Deary me, I feel a little like I’m arrogantly boasting now! This list was a little hard to make than the other, which is sad, I suppose.

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