Advent Calendar

I really love Christmas and anybody who has been reading this blog for a long time (and I mean, right from the start in 2011) will remember that I once did a Trusty Water Advent Calendar. What I did for that was write a Christmassy blog post for each day leading up to Christmas and I had a bit of fun doing it… I’ve often wanted to do it again, but I didn’t just want to repeat myself. But this year, I’m going to do it. I won’t be posting each day on this blog, but I will be posting on my Facebook author page. I’ll be sharing Christmassy pictures, Christmassy stories, Christmassy Finger Puppet Show strips and Christmassy blog posts. The first one is already scheduled to go up tomorrow and I am looking forward to doing this! I hope I’ll be able to share my abundance of Christmas spirit with you.
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