Internet Access

Some days I don’t have a blog post planned and I just open Weebly and wait and see what comes to me. This is the method I was sticking to today, but it took me ages to even gain access to the internet. While waiting for the connection to be restored, I reflected on just how dependant I am on the internet. While I do a little bit of short story writing every week, most of the writing I do is for my blog and my webcomic. To lose access to the internet would be to lose a lot of my creative energy and would likely be very frustrating. As odd as it may sound, I’d have much less motivation to write these things knowing that I couldn’t post them right away or schedule them to be posted soon. Plus, of course, with no internet I’d lose the power to search for more work and writing opportunities and also lose my main way of backing up things up (Dropbox). In some ways it’s very interesting to look at the impact that internet connectivity on creativity, in other ways it’s a little sad…

(Don’t miss today’s Finger Puppet Show!)

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