America’s Legalisation of Same Sex Marriages

I was quite pleased to hear about the news of America’s legalisation of same sex marriages across all states, so I decided I’d make a blog post about it. I say ‘same sex marriages’ rather than ‘gay marriage’ because the latter of those two terms kind of suggests that there’s some difference between it and ‘normal’ marriage, when I don’t see that there is any at all.
    I read somebody post online that they were not religious, nor were they homophobic, but they were against this law because it was ‘changing religion’ and that that was wrong. They seemed to be of the opinion that marriage was a concept which stemmed from Christianity and that, by accepting same sex couples, the concept was being unfaithful to its origins. But this is such a silly objection; back in the past marriage was pretty much nothing else but a way of ‘owning’ women, which, other than sharing a name, is completely different to our modern understanding of marriage anyway. Furthermore, the idea of marriage is not ‘owned’ by Christianity and it shows a rather narrow-minded view of history and psychology to believe that it is. Even secluded tribes have had their own concepts of marriage and it’s just a thing that humans seem to naturally do no matter where they originate, so it’s rather a weak claim to say that Christianity ‘owns’ it or that they have any right to stop two consenting adults from doing what will make them happy.
    I feel I should also point out that I’m not really very fond of the idea of marriage; it seems like an unnecessary hangover from history which is likely to make people stay together even if that’s not what’s best for them. Nonetheless, marriage is what some people want and if that’s going to make people happy, it should be available to everyone. This is a happy day, but the sad thing is that the law does not reflect the attitudes of everyone; non-heterosexual people will still face stigma, be portrayed as stereotypes, and even be the victim of violent crimes (because of their sexuality) for some time to come, which is very sad. But marriage is one small victory, and it has been a wonderful addition to the day.

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