Bus Expectations

I was riding on the bus the other day, when I overheard a rather interesting conversation which affirmed a belief I’ve had regarding bus expectations for a while. It was two school girls talking to each other as I sat on a chair nearby.
    “You know the other day, I was feeling so bad,” said one of them.
    “Oh no, what was the matter?” said the other.
    “Well, I think it was the heat, but basically I was really close to fainting,” she said.
    “Aww, I’m really sorry.”
    “Yeah, and then this old woman got on the bus and said I had to get up so she could sit down!”
    I was shocked and apparently it was quite evident that I was quite engrossed in the story, as she looked at me for a second and finished the story in a more theatrical way.
    “And I tried to explain, but she wouldn’t let me and made me get up anyway!”
    By this point, I was quite shocked. A shocking ending to an intense story! I suppose the unspoken rule that old people are more deserving a seat is something which needs not to be taken so ridgidly. Age is not an easy indicator of a person’s health and it’s something that should always be kept in mind.
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