One day, during my days in Regis Primary School, I was happily digging about in some dirt around a tree. It’s entirely possible that either my friend George Moore, or my friend Davey Hamlen (or indeed both) were with me at the time, and it seems likely that they were, but I seem to remember myself being alone.
    So there I was, happily digging up the dirt with a stick and then I realised something: there was an ants’ nest there. It was quite fascinating really, to see all of those hundreds of them scurrying about the place in such a frantic and quick way. However, as you most likely know, when an ants’ nest is under attack, the ants will attack the attacker. As such, within a short amount of time, I found my legs to be absolutely covered in ants.
    As you can imagine, I kind of wanted to get the ants off of my legs rather quickly, ants are bitey after all. As such, I walked off away from the nest and the tree and approached one of the teachers/dinner ladies (it could have been either, but I think it was a dinner lady) who were out on the playground making sure we were all behaving.
    “Hello, Miss,” I said as I arrived beside her.
    “Hello, Adam, what do you want?”
    “Well, my legs are covered in ants so… Could you get them off?”
    “Ahh! Ants! I’m allergic to them, get away from me!” and so she ran away.
    As such I was left in a rather sticky and ant covered situation. To be honest, I can’t remember how exactly I got the ants off of my legs, but now, nine years later, they’re gone, so I imagine that somebody helped me get rid of them, I just can’t remember who or how. Ever since then I have to say that I’ve always found ants to be very interesting creatures, interesting, but at the same time utterly terrifying.
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