At Last, Employment Again!

You may remember a blog post I wrote a few months ago (entitled “Employment at Last”) where I wrote about how happy I was to have finally found full time employment after leaving university… Well, a couple of months later I lost that job because the company I was working for hadn’t been making many sales. That was pretty sad, especially as I was starting to become attached to my colleagues.
But, it seems, it all turned out for the best as I have now found myself with another, even better job! I work for a company called Roman Cart Ltd. and my job is to update the blog of their Sellr product as many times as I can a day. Today was my first real day of doing that and I have to say that it was one of the most fun and productive days I have had in a long time. All of the posts I write are about eCommerce websites and while that might not sound terribly exciting, I enjoy writing about it very much. I guess I just enjoy writing so much that I can take a great deal of pleasure in writing about any subject.
I won’t be posting links to all of my Sellr posts here (or on my Facebook page) since there’ll just be so many of them, but the link is there if you want to check yourself. I hope I’ll be able to stay in this position for as long as possible!
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