Writing for SmartDatingUK

I’ve been writing for SmartDatingUK for a few months under a year now and, while I was initially quite unsure that I would be able to write so regularly about dating and relationships, at this point I am well into the swing of it and having a good time! The creative freedom it affords me allows me even to include references to my own works while keeping them accessible to all.
    The characters above are: Morris Iphraim Dobson, Graham the Ghost, Dirk the Jerk, Bernard Adams Dobson and Steve Gunner and if you click on each name you’ll see how I fit them in. I like doing it because, even though the articles are likely to only ever be read once by anyone, it still feels good to put a full effort in and give every piece my own unique touch.

(Don’t miss today’s Finger Puppet Show!)

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