Awkward Cleaner

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written any regular old anecdotes on here, which used to actually make up the majority of posts. As such, the next three entries will all be new anecdotes.
    Anyway, this summer I travelled to London to meet my internet friend Mairi Mac Arthur for the second time. It was all very fun and I was even able to buy myself a new pocket watch! But, while there, about half way through the day, we decided to stop for a toilet break, and this is when this anecdote takes place.
    When I popped into the men’s room, I realised that it seemed to be entirely empty, so I decided to myself that I may as well use one of the urinals in order to save time. However, as soon as I approached the urinal, a female cleaner mysteriously appeared and started cleaning the urinal directly beside it. Now, for city folk, a female cleaner in the men’s room during the middle of the day is perfectly natural, but for backwards country people like me, this seems very strange. Although, to be honest, I’d be quite equally uncomfortable if the cleaner were male.
    So, instead of using the urinal beside the cleaner, I made it look like I’d just decided to take an unusual route towards one of the cubicles. I prefer cubicles anyway, much more private and you can sit down, which is nice. While I was in there, I heard somebody else come into the room, he then went into the cubical beside me. Then I heard a knock on his door.
    “Hey!” it was the cleaner.
    The man didn’t reply.
    “Hey, you in there?” she asked.
    Again he didn’t reply.
    “Hey!” she shouted again, this time banging quite violently on the door.
    He still did not reply, I imagine he felt very uncomfortable.
    “Do you have toilet paper in there?” she asked him loudly.
    “Yes. I’m fine,” he said meekly.
    “Oh good,” she said, and then she left.
    Now, I may be wrong due to my rather limited experience in the field of public toilets, but it seems to me that this cleaner is a little lacking when it comes to the subtlety needed for her job. Perhaps this is the way forward for toilet maintenance, but it seemed to me that she was making people’s visits to the toilets rather unenjoyable.
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