For today’s entry I’m going to write up a funny little anecdote, as I’ve done before, except this one doesn’t actually really involve me at all, it’s just a funny story my English teacher told me when I was showing them my coursework one day, and I was reminded of it just yesterday when I was riding on the bus with a good friend of mine. I’m pretty sure my teacher wouldn’t mind this story being included in my blog (I was allowed to use it in my coursework after all) but just in case I suppose I had better not put their name.
    So when my English teacher was a teenager, she began having more and more interactions with the opposite sex, as did her sibling(s) (I can’t remember how many). Her grandmother found this quite hilarious and would always tease them about it whenever they saw her. One day they decided to ask their grandmother about the teasing and she said to them this “Well you know, I’d much rather go to bed with a nice book than any person…” which is, I think, a very funny quote. I mean, reading is cool after all, and reading late at night before you go to bed is even cooler, so this is a very cool quote. In fact, I think that quote would go great on a T-shirt, especially if accompanied by a hunk-ish man in Speedos or a woman in a bikini.
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