Boring Day

Unfortunately, I don’t have an exciting creepy entry for you, which is a shame seeing as it’s Halloween, so instead I’ll type up my day, which has been more boring than any other day. I was riding into university this morning on the bus, it was an incredibly misty day and it was hard to see more than three metres ahead. I was quite tired, but soon the bus began to swerve. I looked through the windshield window and saw a rather tall and thin man standing in the middle of the road in a business suit.
    I’m not entirely sure what happened with that bus thing, but the next I knew I was laying in the middle of the road. I was a little confused and felt about myself to check that I was okay. Luckily, my Trusty Water Bottle appeared to be undamaged (as did my Game Boy) so I stood up and brushed myself off. At this point I realised that I could see, through the mist, that the sky was some bright shade of red and that the sun was nowhere to be seen. It’s probably the most interesting thing I’ve noticed all day; I guess it must be some weird natural phenomenon that occurs during the winter months.
    Anywho, I wandered over to the place of my first lecture. Annoyingly, when I arrived there wasn’t a soul in sight; it appeared as if everybody had gone home due to the mist. Really, leaving due to a weather condition as mundane as fog seems rather lazy (not to sound rude at all).
    I left the building that my lecture was supposed to be in and then strolled on over back to the bus-stop, I’d catch my bus from there and head back to Corsham. The buses are supposed to arrive every twenty minutes, but I waited for two hours and none came. I was going to leave after thirty minutes but decided I was too cynical in deciding it wouldn’t arrive and so waited a little longer.
    After the two hours of waiting I realised that the buses had obviously been cancelled due to the mist. This wasn’t too bad though, there’s some nice wilderness surrounding the university so I decided it was strolling time. I walked towards the wilderness area but unfortunately, and embarrassingly, I bumped into a large statue that I hadn’t spotted in the mist. Funnily enough, the statue was of a tall and thin business suited man, this statue must’ve been what the bus crashed into earlier! Silly bus driver.
    I wandered down into the woods and, while there, I realised that everywhere I went there was a distinctive humming/pulsating noise coming from somewhere. It must have been the noise of machines working against the fog. While in the woods, I accidentally bumped into that statue again, which was slightly odd, as I had been sure it wasn’t in the woods earlier. I got a little bored of my wandering after a while and so turned out of the misty woods and back towards the main campus.
    It was while I walked back over to the campus that I got the idea of using the computers they had in the library to while away the hours. Once I got near to the library I noticed that the university had already put up their Halloween decorations, and they sure were good ones! Lying randomly around on the ground were several skeletons, all of them wearing the same clothes as people I knew, the university really must put the effort into their decorations, dressing them in the same clothes as the students sure was a suitably creepy touch. I pulled out my phone to text my friends that they had skeletons there that wore the same clothes as them, but when I got my phone out it just crumbled to dust… Technology these days! None of it will outlast a simple Game Boy Pocket.
    Then, after that I just used their computers for a few hours. Well more than that I guess as it’s almost 9 p.m. now, I wonder when the buses will run again? But as you can see, this has been a very boring day for me, absolutely nothing has happened. Oh, it turns out that business man wasn’t a statue! He just entered the computer room, I’ll just finish up this entry and then go and say hello to him. Perhaps he runs the buses.
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