Failed Joke 4: Rodents

(First, I would like to apologise to any regular readers (if there are any) who were expecting a new entry on Monday (as I usually post). The fact is, I plainly forgot about my blog on Monday and it didn’t even cross my mind to update it until Tuesday evening when I decided just to skip updating for that day (rather than do it so late).)

Anywho, today’s entry will be another entry in my ‘Failed Joke’ series, all of which are anecdotes involving my poor execution of jokes I’ve thought up and the inevitable awkwardness which always follows.

Friend: So I heard you have a fetish for rodents.
Me: (thinking) Hmm, they’re the one that started the joke this time, whatever I say will be a funny continuation of what they said and there’s no chance of failing with this one!
Me: (speaking) Yes, you heard correctly, I do have a fetish for rodents. It’s the fact that they’re so small and everything.
Friend: I can imagine, you being so tall and everything, you must like that they’re the opposite. I guess a caged hamster drives you crazy.
Me: (thinking) Yes, this interaction is going perfectly! We’re now BFFs for sure!
Me: (speaking) Yeah, I’m actually such a fan of rodents (does internet search while talking) that I’m a member of RAG, The Rodent Appreciation Group it’s my favourite website. I’ll email a link to you right now.
Planned reaction:
Friend: Hahahahahahaha that’s so funny, I couldn’t respect you more.
Me: 😀
Actual reaction:
Friend: Oh, why did you send me that? You took it too far, you’re so weird.
Me: 🙁
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