Bullying Documentary

I’m not really an expert video maker, no, I’m no David Tubb, so I don’t post video content very often. But, having said that, I do enjoy making videos and have very fond memories of a short film that I made along with my friend George Moore in GCSE Media Studies classes.
    For whatever reason, I had to make a little documentary on the subject of bullying in schools, which, of course, is a very serious subject, but my documentary ended up being not very serious at all. It’s a great shame that I don’t seem to have the file for it anymore as it might be something I’d like to post (I’m sure others would find it entertaining) but as things are, I’ll tell you about what was included.
    I introduced the piece and explained the forms bullying could take and so on, but I remember I had a big smile on my face the entire time and I sounded like a wonderful time (and, really, I was!) I ended this segment by saying that I wanted to show you “an example of bullying” just in case nobody knew about it, I suppose.
    The camera was then on George, who was leaning peacefully against a wall. He looks around and reaches into his pocket because, clearly, he has just received a text message. He pulls out his mobile phone and we cut to a close up of its screen and it seems he’s had the rather sad misfortune of receiving a text message that says, simply “I hate you” looking at the sender details, it was very clearly sent by me as well.
    The next bit is truly lost forever. I spoke recently about a science teacher that I liked very much and so, of course, back then I was keen to involve him in the project. I filmed an interview with him where I asked lots of questions about bullying (both in and outside of school) and he had a lot of interesting things to say. My Media teacher told me it was far too long, so I had to cut it down. So I edited it to the following:
    “Have you ever come across bullying before?” I asked, as the interviewer.
    “Umm,” he says, which was originally followed by a long story, but I cut it so that he just said “yes” and that was it. My Media teacher didn’t like it and, sadly, it had to be cut entirely.
    The penultimate scene was me outside, talking to the camera again.
    “Bullying can take many forms. There are the usual things like name calling and then there’s also…”
    But then I was interrupted when somebody ran over, pushed me onto the floor, reached into my pocket, and stole my wallet. The camera followed him as he waked away. It went into slow motion and sinister music played as he made his escape. After this, it was back to me, talking inside once again, and I gave a kind of summary (which I don’t really remember) which was followed by the credits, which were accompanied by more sinister music.
    I don’t know if I can really do it justice with words, but George and I certainly found it quite funny, as did most people we showed it too. We got a B grade for it in the end too, which was surpising, and nice. It’s quite a shame that I don’t have a copy anymore, but then, it’s exactly the kind of thing which people don’t take too much care of. Perhaps this should be a cautionary tale! Be sure to cherish your projects from your schools days.

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