Back in 2009, I always had a great deal of fun in my Science classes. Not only did I share a class with my good friends Hayley, Sarah and Laura, but I also had a rather wonderful teacher named Mr. Curtis (who might be writing an entry for this blog at some point in the future).
    As well as being very friendly and entertaining, I also had a little joke going with him where I would say that he looked like a troll and make references to trolls. This may sound a little malicious (and, indeed, is not something I would do today) but it was all in good fun and he happily went along with it. It wasn’t just me, either, another person in the class, who I was quite fond of, also went along with these ‘troll’ jokes. One thing we’d do is, when asking a questions, we’d fit ‘troll’ into words that it naturally hid within such as con-TROLL or, words that it would less naturally fit within like ou-TROLL-put. Also, we’d regularly have to make Powerpoint presentations about various areas of science, and as well as sneaking in pictures of trolls, I remember one time making an animation to so how protons and electrons worked, using lots of pictures of different bald men to represent the different things (Mr. Curtis was bald).
    Again, this may sound like I was a troublesome student, but it was all done with the utmost fondness. One time we were tasked with writing a short story which had to explain how certain chemical reactions work. In it, I wrote about a scientist called Professor Ticrus (an obvious anagram of Curtis) who created a machine to make particles big enough for people to see and it went wrong and lots of people were killed. To this day, I like to make references to Professor Ticrus in my fiction writing every now and again. I was also very pleased when, two years after leaving his class, I bumped into him and he told me that he still kept a copy of that story at his house and read it every so often for a laugh.
    I remember quite a lot from that class, a lot of the experiments and tasks we did, and I think that he is a wonderful example of a good teacher. Not only do I remember his classes, but I cherish the memories and think of them as some of the extra happy times in life. I think that is exactly what a good teacher should achieve.

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