Bus Breakdown

This Saturday I popped into Bath to pay a visit to my good, ever dependable friend, David Tubb. After a fun day of pizza, magnets, Pokémon and floor yo-yos, it was time to head home. I walked down to the bus station and hopped on the bus to Corsham.
    The ride went along as normal, but then all of a sudden the bus broke down a stop about three miles from home. Funnily enough, not too long ago, I was on another bus which broke down at that exact same spot! But, anyway, the driver told us that we’d have quite a wait on our hands before a replacement bus arrived, and that one hadn’t even left Bath yet. The very fastest it would be, would be half an hour, and even when it did, there’d still be the long bus route through all the neighbourhoods before I got home. As such, I decided to walk, which, I would later learn, was a rather bad decision.
    Almost as soon as I got off of the bus, it started raining. Not the pleasant small amount of rain either, it was pouring with rain, so I got quite wet. But, I didn’t really mind, so I carried on walking. It was about fifteen years ago that I’d last walked along this road, and it seemed that I had done a rather poor job of remembering it. Instead of the nice safe pavement which existed in my imagination, I just had to walk along a very narrow grassy verge. On this narrow verge, I got one of my feet soaked in an invisible puddle, and then cut my ankles in some brambles. I wasn’t wearing appropriate shoes either as I had not anticipated anything like this.
    After about ten minutes, along came the bus! It must have gotten fixed much faster than planned. They weren’t going to let me back on though, I guess I’d made my choice. In fact, almost as if the great Bussyese (the god of Buses) was taunting me, the bus had to stop right next to me for quite a few seconds due to traffic. And then it was gone, and so I continued my walk home.
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