First it was the Faroe Islands, and now, for my second entry on a randomly picked country, it is Singapore! Coincidentally, much like the Faroe Islands, Singapore is also a collection of islands, rather than one mass.
    In the past, there were many rainforests down in Singapore, but sadly very little of them remains in the current world. Steps are being taken, through land reclamation, to restore them, but it seems this could be a depressing case of too little too late. As you can infer from a lack of countryside, the place is very heavily urbanised, and there are over five hundred different cities there. Singapore is also the name of the country’s capital city, which makes it rather easy to remember.
    If you’re wondering what might be done for fun, Stikfas is based in Singapore. For those who don’t know, Stikfas is a cool collection of customisable figures. You buy, for example, a pirate set, and you’ll have all the pieces needed in order to make a pirate figure. But you aren’t bound by that, all the pieces from all the sets are compatible, and people have a lot of fun making their own original figures. I had a lot of fun with these in the past, I even made an original one of my own, maybe I should photograph him sometime… But, yes, sorry, gone off on a bit of a tangent by using things I already knew about!
    Should you ever be interested in visiting the country, Sentosa is the best known island resort to stay at. There are many fun and exciting attractions there, including large open beaches, an aquarium and theme parks. All sounds rather nice. It would be a lovely sunny break, and even if it weren’t sunny, it’d still be warm. At the moment there is a lot of rain, though it is still thirty degrees out, which is nice really, I like rain.
    And so those are a few facts about Singapore. I could have also mentioned thing such as authors from that country, or spoken a little about the food they eat there, but I’ll just give you those links instead, rather than making an overly long entry and risking the loss of your attention!

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