Easing the Reigns After Eight Years

For eight years I agonised over making sure this blog was regularly updated every week. I’d stay up much later than planned to write a short little post – once or twice, I even got myself out of bed just as I was drifting to sleep so that I could write a blog post which I’d forgotten to do. But over the last month or so, I’ve decided to ease the reigns a little bit.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the Trusty Water Blog update days and I’ll always endeavour to get a new post up on those days… but if I don’t, it’s no big deal. I came to realise that forcing myself to write something under any circumstances was probably a bit unhealthy. Writing is my passion – of course I love doing it. But I don’t force myself to do the other things I love even when I don’t want to.

So I do apologise for the fact that I have missed a few update days in the past few weeks and I apologise in advance for the update days in the near future that I will inevitably miss. Perhaps this means the quality of these blog posts will improve? Who knows? I’ve just decided to adapt my approach to something that’s more comfortable for me.

I think that if a writer turns their writing into a chore, it will inevitably become less good – and I do believe that updating the blog occasionally felt like a chore, so that needed to change. I’m sure there won’t be any significant change in output from me, but as this attitude is quite different to the one I had before, I felt it was worth writing.

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