Chain of Ideas

Anybody who reads my webcomic regularly will know that I just introduced a new character called Bolin. Bolin is an evil talking cow from another universe, and what pleases me is that I have a connection to The Waltons with him. Let’s start with John-Boy, the hero of The Waltons; he had an action figure created as a piece of merchandise (which had a suspiciously ugly, never before seen, hat) and I got that in Christmas 2012. I couldn’t resist using it in a couple of Finger Puppet Show strips, where I made him a man who was just coincidentally just like John-Boy. Eventually, Colin the Cow, the star of the webcomic, was damaged! David Tubb and I were able to get him repaired; I used John-Boy’s hat on Colin as it looked better on Colin and covered the damage. Now, when I created Bolin, the evil cow, I gave him a hat identical to Colin’s… So I guess it used to belong to an evil John-Boy! Wajohn-Boy maybe. Anyway, that point is that it makes me quite happy that the influence of The Waltons is felt in my work, even when I am doing things that are completely unrelated!
(Don’t miss today’s Finger Puppet Show!)
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