Connecting Writing

One thing I always like to do is connect all of my writing. It’s something I always have done (since I started writing at age four) and am likely to always do. It’s quite nice because it creates an ongoing thread throughout all of my work. That way, when I’m at work writing about eCommerce, which is the kind of writing which many might consider to be boring or uninteresting, I’m still having a lot of fun because I feel like I am contributing to my overall body of work due to some tiny references which will go unnoticed to anybody else. It may not be the writing I am most passionate about, but, for me, writing is writing and I can get very enthusiastic about all of it. By connecting everything I write, also, I have the feeling that everything I write is worthwhile; even if it was a silly story I wrote half a decade ago, maybe one day I’ll build upon it. I like to think of everything I write as equally worthwhile and this is part of what helps me with that feeling.
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