Chain of Kindness

Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS and it’s very fun (I’ll write a review at some point). One thing that adds to the enjoyment of New Leaf is the fact that a number of my friends also own the game as well and we often ‘visit’ one another in it in order to exchange items and so on.

I’ve mentioned my friend Rhino Water before (I can’t post his real name) and he is a big fan of the Spyro series of video games. His town in Animal Crossing is even called ‘Dragon’s’ in reference to the series. Now, because of all that, he thought it only appropriate that his town flag be a picture of Spyro himself. Sadly for him, he wasn’t that good at using the picture making feature in the game and so it wasn’t that likely that he could get the flag.

Wanting to be of help, I offered to try and make the flag design myself. However, while I may have been a little bit better at using the design feature in the game, I couldn’t make one which was up to a standard I was happy with. A short while afterward, I was paying a visit to my friend Sophie’s Animal Crossing town. While there, she showed me some designs she’d made herself of some Pok√©mon and of Link from The Legend of Zelda. These were of exceptionally high quality and I was very impressed. Could she be the solution to Rhino Water’s flag problem? Well, I thought about it for a while and I almost wasn’t going to ask her as I reasoned that it would be wrong to ask her to make a design (which would surely take some time) for somebody she doesn’t even know. In the end I did ask her, but I also offered to pay one hundred thousand bells (which is the currency in the game and quite a lot too). Extremely generously, she made the design for free which was then sent over to Rhino Water’s game and he loved it!

Now, perhaps this sounds like a fairly mundane sequence of events, but I thought I’d write it down because I thought it was quite nice. Animal Crossing allowed my friend Sophie to do a kind thing for my friend Rhino Water who she’d never even met. It made him really happy and I’m very pleased that a video game connected people like that, and also that I was able to act as a link between the two of them.

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