Changing Rooms

One thing I quite like to do after work is go swimming. It’s a nice form of exercise, a good way to increase confidence and it’s also quite refreshing on especially warm summer afternoons. Just the other day I went to the Bath swimming pool at the end of the work day, showed my membership card to the receptionist and everything seemed normal. But it wasn’t.

I got to the men’s changing room and I noticed that there was a sign outside of it that said that it was now the women’s changing room. I turned around and found that there was a similar sign on the outside of the women’s changing room. Were these genuine signs? Or just things put up by pranksters to cause trouble? I’m fairly trusting, so I was inclined to believe that they were genuine, but I still felt at least an element of doubt. I waited outside the women’s changing room for a second while I thought about it and then I saw a man walk out of there – this was enough to convince me of the honesty of the signs.

I went into the former women’s changing room and found that it was empty. I decided to go into a cubicle and started getting changed. After I had been in there for a couple of minutes, I heard a group of people walk into the changing room – women. I had a sinking feeling of dread. What if the signs had been pranks? Maybe the man I saw leaving the changing room was leaving because he’d gone into the wrong room. Maybe these women had come into the changing room, not knowing anything about the signs!  If I stepped out now, with these women changing outside, would they accept any explanation that I offered? I decided the best course of action was to hide in the cubicle.

Thankfully, they were only there for a short period of time and then they left. In the meantime I decided to quickly rush out of the changing room and into the pool – to my delight and relief, when I came out I found several men in various stages of undress. The group of women who walked in must have been the ones who were mistaken! Had that not been the case, that might just have ended up being the most awkward situation I’ve ever found myself in.

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