ChatRoulette: The Final Chapter

I hope that, by this point, it is clear that when I say ‘ChatRoulette’ I’m using it as an umbrella term for all random chat sites on the internet. Anyway, here are two more anecdotes about people I met on there and then a little summary of what I think of the general ChatRoulette experience.
    One time I went onto the site without a webcam and started chatting to a friendly old man. Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘An old man on ChatRoulette? He must surely be some kind of pervert!’ but you’re wrong. He was perfectly friendly and likeable and didn’t once take off his clothes. But after about ten minutes, our little online friendship quickly collapsed:

Old Man: So why can’t I see your face? I like to see who I’m talking to.
Me: Ah, well my webcam’s broken. It’s built into the laptop, but the laptop says it isn’t plugged in somehow…
Old Man: It’s a little strange that you would go on a random chat site without a working webcam?
Me: Darn. Well sorry about that.
Old Man: In my experience, people who don’t go on webcam usually have something to hide…
Me: Oh, well you can trust me 🙂 I have nothing to hide. Just happily sat in my room doing nothing.
Old Man: Well I don’t trust you… You’re just the same as all those naked perverts *disconnects*

    I felt a little bad about having annoyed him but thought nothing of it while I went on to chat with some new people. Then, a month or two later, I was on ChatRoulette again and able to go on camera due to a friend lending me theirs and who should come up but that friendly old man! “Hey! I’ve spoken to you before,” I started to type; “you got annoyed that I wasn’t on camera because you thought I was secretly a pervert but I’m not! Now you can actually-” he disconnected before I could finished typing…
    Now this next story is the very first weird thing that ever happened to me on these sites, I suppose I should have taken that as a signal to never use them again. I had a great shock when the view of the other person’s webcam showed two naked girls, roughly the same age as me, sitting side by side. Not wanting to handle an awkward situation I moved to click disconnect, but before I could they had already written ‘Hello’. I decided that I would talk to them, hopefully it wouldn’t go too badly…

Me: Hello.
Girls: So, want to see us do stuff?
Me: Ah sheesh, nah I’m fine. I’d actually rather talk to you with your clothes on if you don’t mind.
Girls: (Don’t type anything, but both pull angry faces and then disconnect).

    Now this’ll be the last entry about ChatRoulette sites as I haven’t been on any in several months and don’t plan on going on again anytime soon. But to any readers of my blog who have never tried it before, I would suggest you never do. I think the many perverted people on there genuinely believe that the sites are designed for sex related pastimes. That’s why they get so annoyed when you don’t want to participate in their sexual plans, for their point of view it’s just the same as somebody who likes to ride on swings in the park walking into a swingers club and then being grossed out by what they’re doing. Only in reverse. But the innocently misguided sexual participants aren’t the only downside to ChatRoulette; there is another very large downside that I haven’t mentioned yet. When I used to go on these sites I would generally try and talk to a lot of people always starting by just writing ‘Hello.’ The majority of people would just disconnect from their chat with me right away. That, I think, is incredibly rude. If somebody came up to you in person and started talking would you ignore them? Or if somebody text you would you ignore it?     No. It’s the thing I really dislike about this site, the lack of respect for other people that pretty much everyone on there has. I spoke even to the naked perverts who started talking to me, because it’s just plain rude to ignore somebody. Nakedness may be gross, but rudeness is insulting.
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