Crazy Hair

About a month ago I went out for a nice meal with my good friend Laura at The Hungry Horse (it’s so good there!). It was all very nice and everything (well, I suppose she did spill orange juice, one of my least favourite drinks, onto my food… But it was a minor problem!) The pair of us wandered out (after having eaten and paid… obviously) and when you got outside Laura was laughing. I asked her what was so funny and she said “Did you not see that woman in there with the really crazy hair?” I told her I hadn’t (because I hadn’t) and decided I would go back inside quickly in order to see this crazy looking woman because I thought she must look very funny.
    Obviously, going into a building just to stare at a crazy looking person is something that’ll make you look a bit weird. My solution to the problem was to really casually go in, quickly glance about (as if, for example, I was looking around to check if I had dropped anything when I left) and while I did so I could get a look at the woman with a crazy hair. Unfortunately for me, my plan to subtly observe this woman did not work so well in practise. I had thought that when I came back in, the crazy hair lady would stand out and I’d be able to see her instantly, but when I actually came in I couldn’t see her at all. I stood in the same spot scanning the room, awkwardly looking around for the woman. Then I saw her.
    Now her hair was kind of crazy and funny looking, but that’s not the main reason for this blog entry, that would just be rude. When I spotted her, I didn’t just see her, the two of us ended up making eye contact and for a full two or three seconds we stared into each other. She had an angry expression on her face; she knew why I was looking at her… It was if I had visited a freak show and laughed at a funny looking ‘freak’ in a cage and they had responded by saying “I’m part of this freak show because I’m low on money. I can’t help the way I look, the real freak here is you. You with your notions of normality who feels he can judge others” so all I could do was hang my head in shame and head back outside to Laura.
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