As you may know, there is in existence a website called ChatRoulette. If you are unfamiliar with it I’ll now give you a brief description of what happens on it. It’s basically a game where you are put into a videochat with a random person from across the world, if you don’t like them you press ‘next’ and get a new person (they can do the same.) Now, you might be thinking “Wow that sounds like a fun innocent game that everybody can enjoy” (which is true some of the time) but ChatRoulette can be downright nightmarish at times. Here’s a transcript (I can’t remember exactly what was said, I’m working from memory) of a conversation I had on there (remember, we’re both on webcam):

Me: Hello.
Random Female: Hey.
Me: How are you?
RF: I’m fine. Want to play a game?
Me: Oh okay! What kind of game? Word association?
RF: Not that kind of game… 😉
(The Random Female then took of all of her clothes, leaving her naked)
Me: Hmm, could you please put your clothes back on so we can talk normally? I don’t like this kind of game. Get dressed and we can play word association.
(Random Female presses ‘Next’ on me).

I was quite insulted by her pushing ‘next’ on me. I always see the ‘next’ button as what you press either when a conversation has reached a natural end or when you find yourself talking to a very strange person. Now, this conversation was clearly not over, so therefore she just thought I was a strange person. But she was the one who suddenly got naked; all I did was pull a face of shock while politely asking her to cover herself. But then I later reflected on the matter: in today’s world are the crazy ones the ones who DON’T join in with all these crazy things? Would the average male have replied “That sounds like a fun game. How about we each ‘enjoy’ ourselves while watching each other across the webcam!”? I don’t know, but maybe.

On the subject of males actually, the males who use ChatRoulette do represent their gender rather poorly. The majority of them have their camera pointed at a naked area between their legs while they’re ‘enjoying’ themselves. Then, if you say something like “Could you please put your clothes back on?” they get all rude at you. Now I don’t mean to imply that this website is entirely bad, I’ve had some nice conversations with some nice people on there. Sadly, given the chance, it seems that the majority of people on ChatRoulette (especially the majority of males), want nothing more from females but sexual satisfaction. In fact, the males on there reflect so badly on their gender, that I’ve had females ask me to prove that I’m wearing clothes below my waist!

I guess maybe I’m just in a very small minority and should just stop whining.

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