10 Practical Uses for a Water Bottle

1. Opening doors. You see a push-door, but you don’t want to waste time using your hands to open it, so you pull out your water bottle and push.
2. Squirting enemies. If you’re ever troubled by a drunken fooligan, or have a terrible desire to get revenge for something. Simply point the nozzle of the water bottle whoever has offended you and squeeze. They’ll soon think twice before troubling you again.
3. Cleaning messes. If you put your hand into something gross, your hand gets cut open and there’s blood everywhere, or even if there’s just something gross on a table you want to sit at, just pull out your water bottle, aim at the mess and squeeze. That mess will soon be a clean spot.
4. Pushing people. Sometimes there’s just somebody being obnoxious, or you may have attracted unwanted attention on the dance floor, if this ever happens just pull out the bottle and use it to push them away. It’s surprisingly effective!
5. Putting out fires. Some maybe you accidentally started a fire, and some paper is burning up, or your leg is burning up. A quick squirt from the water bottle and there’ll be no more fire!
6. Pointing at things. Have you ever wanted to point at something but thought your arm was too short? Well if you hold your water bottle at it’s base, you can use it to elongate your arm and point at things more expertly.  
7. Cooling yourself down. After running a race, or spending a long day walking in the sun, just turn the nozzle to yourself and squirt! The water is a good refresher.
8. Getting out of awkward situations. You see somebody walking towards you, you kind of know them, but you aren’t sure if you’re supposed to say hello to them or not. If you are, and you don’t, you’ll just see rude, if you’re not, and you do, you’ll just seem weird. A water bottle gives you a good alternative, put it to your mouth and drink, maybe you would have said hello, but your mouth was full! They can’t get mad for that. Plus, this lets you see whether they say hello or not, then, judging by their actions, you’ll know what to do in the future.
9. Stress ball. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, or stressed, grab for your water bottle! Squeeze it as much as you like with the lid down, water won’t escape and it works perfectly as a stress ball!
10. Water whenever you need it. This is the best thing about it. You’ll always have water with you, so whenever you’re thirsty just pull it out and drink it. The perfect beverage. You should never run out either, cafes and restaurants have to give you free refills, and you’ll never be too far away from a water fountain!

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