Cheese: The Everyman of the Food World

There is no food in existence that doesn’t go well with at least one kind of cheese. I mean think about it, bread, the most obvious one, goes with every kind as there are so many different kinds of cheese sandwich that can be made. Nuts go well too, many kinds of cheese have nuts in them in order to enhance their flavour. Even chocolate goes well; the kind of cheese in cheese cake goes well with it, hence how you can get chocolate cheese cakes. Through the cheese cake kind of cheese, you can include all of the foods in the ‘sweet’ category of food. I mean, really though, just try and think of something that doesn’t go well with at least one kind of cheese, there’s nothing! Fruit goes well with all of the savoury cheeses, grated cheddar would go nicely with some porridge, eggs and cheese mix together nicely… If any of my tiny circle of readers can think of an exception then leave a comment and tell me.
    I realise this is an entirely pointless entry, but I thought I’d better write something and as cheese has been suggested to me twice as a subject, I decided I’d use it.
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