Literature Bubblebath

In my opinion, writing is one of the most amazing things that people can do. It’s just so fantastically incredible that people can just reach into their box of thoughts and show everybody what they have in there. To make an analogy, I view literature as being akin to a bubble bath. Literature itself is the entity made up of millions of tiny bubbles. Now, occasionally you’ll find a huge bubble floating around on the surface, and these huge bubbles are things like The Bible or the plays of Shakespeare, but the millions of other bubbles are all the other writers in the world. Some people may feel disheartened that their writing is little more than their own personal hobby, which nobody knows about. But in my eyes, everything ever written by all of the authors in the world is of equal.
    For whatever purpose you write, be it to create your own exciting fictional world, to document the life you lead, to immortalise the important people in your life, even if it’s just for fun, you should never stop writing it is one of the most amazing things about humans. Even if you’re a writer who doesn’t have any readers, feeling that a writer needs readers in the same way a chef needs eaters, you still shouldn’t be disheartened. It’s almost guaranteed that you will find at least one person who will gain pleasure by reading your writing, and that one person should make it worthwhile. Without the power of foresight, there is no way to know that your writings are unimportant. The young H.P. Lovecraft burned many of his short stories because he considered them to be terrible, today there will be millions of people who would love to read them, but Lovecraft never even became a success within his own lifetime. Jane Austin wrote as a child, things which she probably considered to be utterly worthless, but now volumes of her childhood writings have been published, and think about (arguably) the most significant writer of the 20th century, Anne Frank, she merely kept a journal, unaware that her writings would ever be anything more than that, but they would eventually become one of the most famous books in the world.
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