Christmas Eve! (TWAC Day 24)

_ Unfortunately, I’ve already written this entry once before, but then there was a computer error and it was gone forever 🙁 usually in these cases I’d explain what had happened and leave the entry unwritten, but since this is part of my Trusty Water Advent Calendar, I feel I kind of have to. I mean, with a real advent calendar, it would be quite annoying to open number twenty-four only to find that there was no chocolate in it!
Anywho, its Christmas Eve today! That’s quite exciting isn’t it? It seems like I’ve been writing the Trusty Water Advent Calendar for ages now. It was actually getting a little hard to think of a Christmas related post every day, so in a way I’m quite glad to be finished with it… But that’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed it!  So, anyway, who really, actually is excited?
I’ve heard quite a few people complain this year that it ‘doesn’t feel like Christmas’ and I have a few little theories as to why this may be. Now, while this may be due to a large change to the status quo of the lives of many people I know (i.e. leaving school and moving onto university/college/work/nothing) and so it maybe doesn’t ‘feel like’ Christmas because their lives are so much different to how they were in every other Christmas they’ve had. But I don’t think so.
Personally, I think all the people claiming that this year doesn’t ‘feel like’ Christmas, are saying it due to the lack of snow. For the past two (or possibly three, but I’m pretty confident that it’s two) Christmases, there has been a significant amount of snowfall around the time. Now, I am of the opinion that snow is something that is inherently linked with Christmas in people’s minds (this is at least true of me). So when there’s lots of snow in November, people start thinking more about Christmas, and get a little extra ‘buzz’ of yuletide excitement. But this year (apart from a few falls which have been wiped away by rain) there hasn’t been very much snow, and people haven’t been getting that little extra ‘buzz’ that they’d gotten used to over the last two years. So while waiting for the snow caused buzz of the last few years, they’ve not gotten as excited as previous years, which is what they now associate with Christmas.
Of course, this may well be entirely wrong; this is just my view on things. I do know, that this is at least true of me, snow did enhance my appreciation of Christmas (that’s not to say that I’m not currently as excited as a five year old :D).

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