The Muppet Christmas Carol (TWAC Day 23)

Just the other day I watched The Muppet Christmas Carol. I’d seen the film before, but it’s very good so I was watching it again. Also, I realised that my ‘Film Reviews’ section is currently quite empty, so I’ve decided to write a review of The Muppet Christmas Carol today.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with story of A Christmas Carol, (a story which, as I’ve said in an earlier post, I don’t think can be adapted enough times) and this film, story wise, pretty much follows it exactly… Or, I suppose, you could say that the story is that the Muppets are doing their own version of A Christmas Carol and you’re watching it.

Anyway, the film also happens to be a musical. Each and every one of the songs in this film (although, there are only a few) is very nice and enjoyable; they’re all catchy and perfectly festive. I’d quite happily have them on my iTunes actually, I wonder if a soundtrack is available?

Anywho, moving on, another high point of the film is that it has really beautiful scenery. Due to the extensive use of puppets in the film, it all (I think) is filmed inside a studio. But this isn’t just one of those “Oh dear, it’s all in a studio and looks awful’ films, it’s one where they were really creative and, as such, it looks amazing. The Victorian London they’ve created looks awesome. I guess the fact that I do have quite a soft spot for the 19th century might be part of what makes me enjoy this film so much.

Furthermore, this film is very funny at times. There’re lots of references to the regular Muppet Show and, the banter between Gonzo and Rizzo is really quite amusing. But, of course, the film is still able to be serious when it needs to be.

On the whole, this is an enjoyable romp; the only thing that will put some people off is the fact that it’s partly aimed at children. But who cares? People of all ages can enjoy! The vast array of puppets is really amazing frankly, and the sense of humour will appeal to all. A solid 8/10 for this film.

Buy it here.

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